A self-motivated leader, results-driven, information technologist, with real-world business background. Trained by the U.S. Navy in Information Technology and practicing (CANI) Constant And Never-ending Improvement. Qualified to strategically plan, design, install and maintain networks and Internet solutions from the ground floor and provide technical solutions to solving complex global challenges.

Possess an in-depth understanding of emerging technologies and security. Extensive experience developing, managing, protecting and analyzing infrastructures with wireless, Windows Server, SQL, Cisco, Thin Client, e-commerce, e-learning, IP telephony, handheld, software development, and customer-service solutions.

Over 30 years of experience in IT product development, marketing, and consulting in hospitality, financial services, real estate, insurance, POS, healthcare, laboratory and distribution environments. Effective team leader with a record of success managing multiple million-dollar projects and assuming full responsibility for project management, team building, R&D support, technical infrastructure planning, forecasting and cost containment.



  • Recognized by U.S. Navy for uncovering a costly software flaw resulting in huge cost savings.
  • Published more than once in Info World and CDW Publications for pioneered efforts.
  • Downsized Southern Wine & Spirits World Headquarters from IBM mainframes and designed PC application replacements.
  • Consultant to Arby’s World Headquarters & Burger King World Headquarters
  • IT Professional for The Trump Organization.
  • Cut information systems costs by installing network based replacement solutions to existing mini and mainframe systems.
  • Revolutionized telemarketing by programming & implementing an automated phone dialing system, processing hundreds of calls per minute. (You just won a Cruise. Sound familiar?)
  • Designed and programmed customized software over various platforms.
  • Disaster recovery strategic planning and preparedness specialist.
  • Network infrastructure, support, software/hardware evaluation, budgeting, selection, purchasing, installation, troubleshooting, technical advice, performance and security tracking.
  • Security access control & surveillance systems design, implementation and assessment.
  • Digital Signage, Kiosk and cable TV event-processing system.
  • R&D team building under military/government guidelines.
  • President (2008-2009) of Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals . On the board in 2001-2002, 2007-2008. National Conference Session Speaker.
  • Network Security, ethical hacking and cyberwar prevention.
  • Biometric & Controller technology.


2006 to present - Contracted Systems Integrator/Programmer/Analyst/Team Leader

Technology Entrepreneur

Consultant and Outsourced IT provider. Trusted Advisor. Luxury resort IT standards of the  forbes logo  5DiamondAward

2020 to 2020 - Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa  EAU LOGO


  • Developed, scheduled and lead the IT Department to provide technology support to a 309 room 5-star resort. Implemented efficient processes and procedures to effectively handle requests for support from over 200 staff and guests. Resolved technology problems as requested. Implemented, maintained, and administered all installed technology to meet vendor requirements, industry standard practices and policies and procedures.

2008 to 2009 - Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals (South Florida Chapter)  HFTP


Chief executive and administrative officer of the chapter overseeing all duties required by the bylaws and the board of directors. Ensures that the board of directors meet regularly, functions effectively, and that officers and directors understand and perform their duties adequately. A member, ex-officio, of all committees and will act as the liaison between the local chapter and the international association. A non-profit organization.


2006 to 2012 - Digital Edge Media, LLC demfl


Services include digital signage, communications consulting, specialized marketing, content creation and management, design, technical consulting and support, end-to-end solutions, way-finding, touch-screen signage, kiosks, narrow casting and film projecting.

Other backend services are wireless support, video server support, training, network bandwidth management, security, SMS messaging from digital signage, installations, support contracts, graphic artist and content creation on the fly, video production support, vendor relations, revenue sharing programs, new communication concepts and hardware/software sales.

2003 to 2010 - Rich Products Corporation   Riches


Worked with Palm Beach National Golf and Country Club as the outsourced systems integrator. Projects included LAN network design, support, systems consulting and performance monitoring. Website integration with accounting applications. Personal support and training to Robert & Vickie Rich when in Florida.

2006 to 2008 - Woodfield Country Club  WoodfieldCC

Information Technology Professional

Network design, administration and systems support for over 100 devices with multiple Windows Servers. Migrated existing Novell infrastructure to state of the art redundant HP servers. Design Digital Signage for four locations with various messages running simultaneously on large format split screens. Designed a secured public and private wireless campus using Cisco high end access points over a managed backbone by HP. Incorporated Chelsea automated reservation solutions with extranet links to the website. Responsible for migrating the website and email to a different host provider. Replaced 80% of the hardware consisting of sixtyfive workstations, POS, printers, faxes and copiers. Oversee the cellular fleet and maintain effective cost plans that work. Incorporated beverage inventory control system using Symbol Technologies hand scanners. Maintained the phone and wiring solutions of the club. Also responsible for the Toshiba Surveillex Video Surveillance systems. PhoneTree automated callback system. Can't forget the audio systems by the pool. Disaster recovery and preparation. e-Silo remote backup solutions. Took charge of the design, plan, budget, maintenance and preparedness of new and improved solutions for the growing needs of the club. In my spare time I consult for other clients.

2001 to 2006 - Trump Florida Properties   Trump

Information Technology Professional

Working on projects including various network design, administration, support and systems consulting. Responsible for the design, plan, budget, maintenance and preparedness of new and improved solutions for the growing needs of the empire.

1999 to 2005 - L & L Auditing Services


Outsourced IT Professional, LAN design and management. Programmed WC & Liability Insurance Auditing Application with links to Quickbooks Pro. Complete lifecycle tracking of Insurance Auditing using Visual Foxpro and .NET.


1989 to 2001 - Contracted Systems Integrator/Programmer/Analyst/Team Leader


During the 90's, worked primarily with The Mar-a-Lago Club and later Trump International Golf Club as the outsourced systems integrator. As a contracted consultant I have worked on many short & long term projects consisting of design and implementation of IT infrastructures. Responsible for creating a system that can function with minimal onsite support. Most programming projects designed in the Visual FoxPro language had consisted of large scale applications such as accounting systems for payroll, to freight carrier tracking systems. Designed and managed several websites including hosting, marketing and e-sales. Projects included LAN/WAN network design, support, systems consulting and performance monitoring. Listed are just a few of the corporate giants I have worked with over the years.

Admirals Cove hired us to assist in the integration of the existing and selection of a new PMS system. The Seagate Hotel & Country Club contracted us to help select and migrate a failing PMS system. Hyatt Regency Coral Gables worked with us to assist with corporate data integration into a local system. Assisted Hyatt with other remote networking challenges. Marriott Miami Dade hired us to assist with new workstation installation and local area network support.

Implemented and managed a LAN/WAN with integration to a multi-networked environment for The Polo Club of Boca Raton. Installed email and provided user training. Worked with vendors to convert data and provide a seamless interface between multiple data collection systems. Budget in excess of $135,000.00 and managed completely with my direction. Designed an in-house production studio to broadcast promotional ads to the community via cable TV, Ch 69.

1992 to 1994 - Southern Wine & Spirits (Florida)  SWS


Contracted for a corporate computer based training direction and implementation. Other projects included custom programming and remote communications consulting. Used in strategic advisory panel to downsize to PC based networks. Advisory in the warehousing and distribution of product as it is processed from distillery to retail.

1992 to 1992 - Arby's Restaurant Group (World Headquarters)  Arbys


Arby’s world headquarters contracted my services to provide technical assistance in the installation and management of the LAN/WAN. Advised in the direction of a global laptop rollout. Other tasks included ADP software interface programming to host accounting modules. Custom programming for cash registers worldwide to incorporate better supply chain management. Advised in computer training procedures.

1990 to 1991 - Boston Portfolio Advisors  bpadarknew 3


Contracted to design and implement an Xbase loan processing system with (RTC) Resolution Trust Corporation guidelines that would run on a XENIX network. Based on bailing out the Saving & Loan Banking Industry in the late 80’s, processing thousands of loans for disposition.

1988 to 1989 - Medical Recruiters of America (a subsidiary of NutraSweet Corp.) 


Business Intelligence and project planning. Responsible for Office Automation, local area networking, systems analysis, project management, and Directing the IT Department. Managed eight to ten personnel and maintained a budget in excess of $120,000.00. Local Area Networking was accomplished with Novell for 97 users. Established a remote communications link to California. Directly responsible for the design and implementation of a custom programmed marketing system along with payroll tracking, staffing, personnel tracking, housing management, placement and eligibility tracking. Designed data replication processes for remote locations. Provided technical support, user and IT training, hardware/software installations, research and analysis, project management and technical documentation. Also responsible for establishing corporate standards with strategic planning as it relates to computer resources.


1988 to 1989 - Burger King Corporation (World Headquarters) BK


Worked on backbone infrastructure design & cabling for the new world Headquarters in Coral Gables, FL. Assisted with end user computer analysis as it applied to networking with Ethernet topology.


1986 to 1988 - United Trust Fund, Limited Partner Metropolitan Life Insurance  UTF


Responsibilities encompass Office Automation, Local Area Networking, Systems Analysis, Payroll Processing, Desktop Publishing, Image Processing, Project Management, and directing the MIS department for a microcomputer-based environment. Office automation consisting of custom financial software design in dBase, hardware enhancements including installation of drives, cards, chips and various other components. Reporting to the CEO, and project completely under my direction. Tasked with demonstration of computer capabilities and custom software efficiency to board members. Knowledge of sale-leaseback and corporate real estate a must for the modeling I was tasked with.


1981 to 1986 - United States Navy (NARDAC NAS JAX)  USN


Achievements as a dedicated U.S. Navy Data Processing technician provided opportunity to work with civil service personnel, high ranking officers and outside vendors on highly classified projects that were decades ahead of the times. Responsible for microcomputer software design, debugging, coding, documentation, networking, hardware enhancements, software demonstration and assistance on 8, 16, and 32 bit computers. Primary duties included test and acceptance of new technologies for use by the Navy.

Cisco/Meraki Registered Partner